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Are you lonely?

"No, I have you. Are you lonely?"

Yes. But that’s only because I don’t think anyone will ever really have you.


- Reactions (#602: July 9, 2014)

"I find myself wondering if you’ve finished planting your roots in my mind."

- It Seems I’m Always Thinking of You, One Way or Another (#603: July 9, 2014)

"You’ve suddenly become the only thing I’d never run away from."

- I’ll Run to You Every Time (#604: July 9, 2014)


Things I’ll Never Forget:

1. My mother’s birthday
2. The taste of my name in your mouth.


- In the Order of Importance (#605: July 14, 2014)

"I wish you’d told me that missing you was no longer a good excuse to call you at two in the morning."

- What If I Just Want to Hear Your Voice? (#606: July 14, 2014)

"I realize now that the problem is that I tried to run from you. I wanted to hide you, bury you deep inside me so no one would ever see how much of me comes from you. The truth is that you’re a part of me. You’re my favorite part of me."

- You Probably Always Will Be (#607: July 15, 2014)

"I used to wonder why you stopped loving me. Recently, I’ve started asking why I stopped loving myself."

- I’m Trying to Be Better (#608: July 17, 2014)

"It’s been years since I’ve seen you and I still probably know you better than I know myself."

- Happy Anniversary (#609: July 18, 2014)

"I can feel your roots planting themselves inside me. They’re clogging up my veins."

- Too Many Flower Metaphors (#610: July 18, 2014)

"All I wanted was for you to let me love you forever."

- But Then Again, You Never Gave Me What I Wanted (#611: July 18, 2014)